Best Forex brokers Europe

In Europe you'll find top Forex brokers (market makers/liquidity providers) in the world, including famous Swiss and German banks.

European currencies are traded in 49% of daily Forex operations. By taking only France, Germany and Switzerland we have around 600 billion USD traded daily.

Once operating in an European country, brokers have access to the whole European pool of clients which rounds 400 million potential clients on a fairly small territory, add up the confidence Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and other countries have built around their products and that’s why most brokers look for an office in Europe.

A EU license obtained in any of the European countries on the EU list, automatically opens the business door to all clients from other EU countries. And although there is no need to have one standardized license to operate in Europe, most brokers are properly registered and regulated with the Financial Supervision Commissions/Authorities in their respective countries.

Expect a good service from German, Swiss and Nordic Forex brokers. Consider banks for large investments for outstanding security and protection of funds, however, possibly with less flexible trading conditions.

*European Forex operations cover the entire continent including Switzerland, but exclude the UK, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar territories and other small offshore legislation.

Leading Forex brokers in Europe — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage Country
Dukascopy Bank SA +21 point $100 100:1 Switzerland
MIG BANK +20 points $2000 100:1 Switzerland
Deltastock AD +18 points $100 200:1 Bulgaria
Varengold Bank FX +18 points $1000 200:1 Germany
Baxter-FX +16 points $50 000 100:1 Ireland
BMFN +16 points $200 200:1 Russia
Swissquote Bank +16 points $1000 100:1 Switzerland
vPE Bank +16 points $5000 100:1 Germany
Saxo Bank +15 points $2000 200:1 Denmark

Fast Growing brokers in Europe — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage Country
CIM Bank +14 points $5000 100:1 Switzerland
Renesource Capital +14 points $500 100:1 Latvia
X-Trade Brokers (XTB) +14 points $500 100:1 Poland
WH SelfInvest +13 points $2500 100:1 Luxembourgh
Bulbrokers +11 points $50 200:1 Bulgaria

Other European brokers


Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage Country
Gedamo Investments +9 points $500 200:1 Sweden
STRATO Markets +9 points $300 400:1 Netherlands
AGEA +7 points $1 100:1 Montenegro
NordMarkets +7 points $500 100:1 Sweden
FX Financial Group +4 points $10 000 40:1 Azerbaijan
InstaForex +4 points $1 1000:1 Russia
AAAFx +3 points $300 200:1 Greece
EuroBroker +2 points $10 500:1 Russia
Mandus Invest +0 points $500 400:1 Switzerland