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Country: Russia
Rating: Broker score level - HIGH
Business experience: +5 pointssince 1988
Regulation: +3 pointsASIC, FFMS in Russia, FSC in Bulgaria
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +5 points60+ liquidity providers (ECN)
Withdrawal issues: -0 pointsNo issues found
Void profit reports: -2 pointsA few reports found*
Popularity among traders: +4 pointsAlexa rank: inside 200,000
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BMFN clients report:



Platform freezing

Execution speed

Results Results Results Results

not happy

Scam, scam, scam!!!, they will lead you to a managed account with a "certified" manager and after some nice profits, his account will be "hacked" by himself and your money poof, dissappears.


I have a good experience with them, you have plenty of options to choose from in platforms, leverage, instruments, etc, the execution is fast and I've already made two withdrawals 200 USD each one.

Russia, Vlad

As many other brokers, they are fine if you are a small trader, if so, you will not have problems to keep trading, they are chasing the big clients, I deposited 20K USD and after some good profits-withdrawals my account was cancelled, their weapon was an ambiguous clause they use top stop losing money while you're making profits and at the same time stealing it blatantly.