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Though is not in the top list of Forex financial centers, New Zealand is quite important for brokers thanks to the image of security, technology and development New Zealand has shown to the world.

New Zealand markets are always the first to monitor during any trading day, since New Zealand is the first country to start operations, while their currency (NZD) is the tenth most used currency in daily operations.

As well as Australia, New Zealand is not far from Asia and this can be a huge advantage over American or European brokers; add to the mix regulation formalities - FSRP and FSCL registrations are much easier to set up - and you'll get an answer why many brokers turn their attention to this country. Mentioned the regulation topic, it’s important to say that New Zealand regulation is limited, which means that is not recognized in all territories.

New Zealand’s regulations include the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) both run by the government, but some brokers are also “registered” or “regulated” by the Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) and the FSCL (Financial Services Companies Ltd) both private and independent and which should not be accepted as truly regulatory entities that easy.

Traders can expect good and reliable service from New Zealand brokers, however, due to limited regulation in NZ, only FMA registered brokers are 100% governmental, while the rest (those who registered with FSPR and FSCL) will offer only limited protection and supervision, which means your investments can still be at risk.

Leading Forex brokers in New Zealand — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
FXOpen +17 points $1 500:1
Pacific Financial Derivatives +16 points $200 500:1
RoboForex +15 points $10 500:1

Fast Growing brokers in New Zealand — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
Divisa Capital +13 points $1000 200:1
FXCENTRAL +13 points $500 100:1
FXPIG +13 points $1000 500:1
Velocity Trade +13 points $1000 100:1
EXNESS +12 points $100 200:1
FXOptimax +11 points $10 400:1
Blackwell Trader +11 points $2000 200:1
BNFX +11 points $100 100:1
Starfish FX +11 points $200 500:1

Other NZ brokers


Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
Lucror FX +6 points $500 200:1
Shaw Markets +6 points $500 400:1
IK Trust +5 points $1 1000:1
VTLFOREX +0 points $2000 100:1


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