AYONDO Social Trading Network




  • General facts: created in 2009, this is one of the first Social Trading Networks that still keeps its concept alive today. The purpose is to follow and copy trades of the "best traders" or "Ayondo certified traders".
  • How it works: Through a platform, people set up their own profile and can watch other traders, follow them and copy some strategies for free. The profile includes the performance, instruments traded, fund allocations, risks and a picture of the trader if desired. Signal providers also have the option to sell own signals.
  • Advantages: "Ayondo certified traders" are monitored by Ayondo itself; and it takes 90 days of trial to become a certified trader. This adds credibility to the network compared to other choices.
  • Disadvantages: Ayondo site is still in beta. Ayondo currently offers only CFD trading. Despite the fact that Ayondo can potentially work with many brokers, they are currently working only with 4 of them as IBs (thus partial towards those brokers, however traders are offered some extras when using selected brokers).
  • Fees: The subscription is free, and they only charge spreads for trading. In addition, Ayondo has semi-premium and premium packages that start at 100 EUR a month.
  • Comments: Though they have a good concept overall and with more time spent in the industry, Ayondo is still not as popular as other Forex social networks. Being directly related to some brokers and offering only CFD instruments can be hurting them, however their free service & "certified trader" practices are definitely worth attention.
  • Reviews: We couldn’t find any reviews about Ayondo, if you had used them and want to share with us your experience, we’ll be glad to hear about it.