Best Forex brokers UK

London, UK is the second largest financial center in the world and one of the greatest Forex trading centers with $1,854 billion USD traded daily.

UK brokers are well respected among Forex traders and being well regulated (under FSA UK supervision), they offer confidence and trust to investors.

FSA regulation is not mandatory for all British brokers; thus Forex brokers don’t necessarily need to be regulated in order to operate in the UK, which some companies find to be an advantage. Also, there are cases where brokers operate under Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man offshore laws but are accepted as British.

If to compare UK and US regulation, British laws are not as strict as US laws, thus leaving more room for possible manipulations if intended. When it comes to large investments, it's always better to opt for UK banks rather than private Forex brokerage companies, although hidden gems can be found too among UK Forex brokers.

Leading Forex brokers in UK — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
FXCM UK +18 points $25 400:1
Hantec Markets +18 points $1000 200:1
Finotec +17 points $200 200:1
GKFX +17 points $1 400:1
Barclays Stockbrokers +16 points £5000 100:1
IG Markets +16 points $1 700:1
One Financial Markets +16 points $250 200:1
RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland +16 points £1 50:1
Vantage FX UK +16 points £350 500:1
DF Markets +15 points $1 200:1

Fast Growing brokers in UK — 2021 update

Broker Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
Alpari UK +14 points
GFT UK +14 points $200 400:1
HY Markets +14 points $50 200:1
City Credit Capital UK +13 points $2000 100:1
Hirose Financial UK +13 points $20 300:1
London Capital Group (LCG) +13 points $20,000 100:1
CMC Markets +12 points $200 100:1
Abshire-Smith +11 points $500 200:1
ICM Capital +11 points $1 200:1
LMAX +11 points $1000 100:1
Valbury Capital +11 points $15,000 100:1
FX Solutions UK +10 points $250 400:1

Other UK brokers


Lscore (What's Lscore?) Deposit Leverage
ActivTrades +9 points €250 400:1
FXM Financial Group +9 points $100 400:1
Plus500 +9 points $100 50:1
Citypoint Trading +8 points $1 300:1
Nano4x +8 points $10 500:1


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Challenge — the Best Forex Brokers in the UK

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That's why we offer our expertize in order to help you evaluate brokers. Our rating criteria are fully objective and are based on the achievements and performance shown by UK brokers. We believe this simple yet effective rating system will provide a good starting point in your search for the Best Forex broker in the UK.