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Country: United Kingdom
Rating Broker score level - LOW
Business experience: +4 pointssince 2005
Regulation: +5 pointsFSA in UK
Segregation of funds: +1 pointsYes
Liquidity: +0 points2 liquidity providers
Withdrawals: -0 pointsNo issues
Void profit reports: -3 pointsA few reports found*
Popularity among traders: +2 pointsAlexa rank: inside 500,000
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ActivTrades clients report:



Platform freezing

Execution speed

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Thomas, United Kingdom

Their promotion team is bothering me all day long and sometimes all night long, I just asked them some questions because I want to know something in order to compare and now I have to deal with them the whole day, in my experience when they want that bad your money is because you'll never see it again. Be careful with this kind of brokers, I'd give them -5 stars but the rating goes from 0 to 5, so 0 is what they deserve.

= (

Excellent for CFDs and for major pairs, I don't have problems with withdrawing too, the customer service sometimes becomes useless, but for sure never rude and always answering.

aka NN

They forced me to take their variable spread account, there I got slippages in most exotics, oh, and their excuse was always the variable spread, so I started trading only with majors, no problems there with spreads or slippages, but I got some positions closed and IDK why, every morning I just pray that my minimum profits don't dissapear, I'll be withdrawing my funds as soon as the market opens next week.

UK, Britt

Requotes and FSA penalties, I lived it in my own, not the worst broker, but not good, hope I get my money fast.