CURRENSEE Social Trading Network




  • General facts: Currensee is a well-known Social Trading Network among traders, and especially signal providers.
  • Advantages: Currensee's main advantage is that they keep a close eye on their signal providers, they are called "Trade Leaders". Currensee claims that in order to become a "Trade Leader" one needs to pass an exhaustive series of tests, proofs and trials. Another good thing is that signals and positions are always traded in live accounts; this means that the results shown are 100% real.

    Another advantage is that if Trade Leaders you follow lose money, you don’t pay fees; the fee is paid only for successful positions.

    Currensee is a registered member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the USA and the Financial Services Association (FSA) in the UK.

  • Disadvantages: Currensee can bridge their accounts to almost every broker since they connect easily to MT4 and MT5, this means that brokers of all levels can access this Social Network, among those brokers could be premier & reliable entities or just average trading providers.

    The Network is not very open or completely social, people can share their ideas, but only a few of them have their positions and activity opened to the whole world.

    The platform is somewhat slower than with other competitors and has slippages from time to time.

    The fees, as you will see, are quite high.

  • Fees: Currensee offers free subscription and the possibility to share trading tips and strategies besides the signals. The fee is charged for using the signals from "Trade Leaders". Currently it's 2% monthly service fee plus an additional 20% success fee (where 15% goes to a Trade Leader and 5% to Currensee).
  • Comments: Currensee is well respected Network and yet another great option for traders. An improvement on the clarity and accuracy of the information about "Trade Leaders" and their actual success would raise the trust among investors.
  • Reviews are neutral:

    - Most of the negative reviews mention poor inexperience of "Trade Leaders", which is totally opposite to what Currensee says on their site.

    - Some other clients’ complaints are about the wrong calculations done by Currensee when it comes to charging fees.

    - On the other hand, there are many satisfied clients, who say they accomplished everything they wanted and Currensee promises were delivered.