How to choose a Forex broker - 5 things above all

What's most important when deciding between Broker #1 and Broker #2?
Leverage? Spreads? Trading platforms or ability to use automated systems? No.
There are more important factors which decide if your trading experience is going to be successful at all:

1. Withdrawals, withdrawals, withdrawals!
Nothing is more important than flawless withdrawals.
If a broker doesn't offer speedy honest withdrawals - there is nothing to talk about. Anything you deposit with a broker is at risk of never being returned again.

2. Recognition of your earned profits
It's important that your profits are recognized & payed out to you.
If a broker doesn't recognize your profits, and instead, on the first withdrawal request sends you a letter explaining "why your profits are not valid" - that's totally wrong & often suggests that a broker isn't going to pay you anything at all, you've wasted your time trading there.

3. Honoring your trades
It's important that your trades are being honored.
If your trades entirely disappear from the history book, are being cancelled or in any other way edited without your participation - your brokers is carrying out a dishonest business. This broker won't let you profit in the long run.

4. Respecting your trading style
It's important that a broker respects your trading style: be it scalping, grid trading, hedging, using EAs, trading news, long term trading etc. You should always try to receive a clear answer/confirmation from the broker that your trading style is fully accepted and allowed.

5. Transparency of broker's trading policy
There is nothing simpler than following a clear trading policy. Unfortunately, not all brokers explain trading rules in a transparent and user-friendly way.
If you can't find all necessary information in the trading agreement & can't get a clear answer from the broker of your choice, think twice about doing business with this company; you're risking to encounter problems listed in P. 1-4 above.

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Forex Social Trading | Forex Social Networks

Forex social trading networks - what are they?

The general purpose of a Forex Social Trading Network is to gather collective wisdom about Forex trading; and in order to do that, Social Trading allows each member to post his/her trading activity on the network (such as Buy/Sell/Stop/Exit orders etc.). Thus each member can become a signal provider, while other members can "follow" him/her just like in Twitter, but with an extra feature - the ability to copy everything that the signal provider does on your own account - immediately and automatically. Besides Forex Social Trading networks offer some other useful information to traders, such as: pip counters, calculators, chart analysis tools, and even own trading platforms.

The idea of Forex Social Networks initially was to help out beginner traders and those who haven't yet developed good trading skills, also to aid investors who don't know/want to learn how to trade at all, or have no time to analyze the market; while on the contrary, it's also useful for experienced traders who want to monitor the market sentiment and utilize the knowledge for own more complex strategies. Overall, Social Trading could be useful for everyone in one or another way.

Forex vs Spread Betting

Comparing spread betting against classic Forex it has some pros like the Tax Free for your profits and the bigger range of markets offered, but also some cons like some brokers being under bets & gaming supervision rather than financial investments regulation. To make things easier we listed the shared characteristics among them and who has the EDGE in each of them:



Leverage Even Even
Range of Markets
Trading platforms
Capital Gain Tax
Stops losses guaranteed Even Even
Transparency and Reputation
Risk Management Even Even
Acceptance among investors and background

Scalping Forex Brokers | Best Forex Brokers for Scalping

Who would be the best Forex broker for scalping?

Parameters we consider important are:

- no dealing desk
- proper regulation
- fast execution in combination with sufficient number of liquidity providers
- scalping should be fully allowed

Binary Options - White label Platform Providers

As Binary options trading trend continues to develop rapidly, more and more brokers become interested in providing Binary Options trading to their clients.
Binary Options trading technology is also one of the "simplest" and requires a simple web trading platform to operate.

Let's name several technology providers who offer White label platforms for Binary Options trading.

Binary Options White label platform providers


TradeSmarter - a technology and software provider of binary options - offers a web-based platform solution, with branding integration and full customization for any online company looking to enter the binary options industry.
"We wanted to build a binary options platform that is sophisticated yet simple and fun..." - said a TradeSmarter’s CEO Yoni Avital.
While being simple and intuitive the platform offers many features that can appeal to newbies as well as experienced traders.

Platform's main features:

- Two platform views (simplified and expanded)
- Scalable trading charts window
- Open Positions window
- Trading history window
- Market sentiment bars
- Easy option selection from the Asset index
- account balance window with money invested, available cash and bonuses

Investment types:

- Digital (High/Low)


TradoLogic - binary options trading platform provider - offers high-performance web-based trading platform BINARIX, which specializes in binary options and provides great flexibility, quick and easily customization with an emphasis on client's experience.
The cross-platform solution enables clients to trade from any platform: website, desktop, tablet, mobile device or a trading console.

In addition, TradoLogic provides brokers with a number of risk management tools, for deal management, monitoring, alerting, fraud prevention etc.

Platform's main features:
- Take profit and stop loss before option expires
- Extend the expiration time of a particular option
- allows to purchase an "Insurance Policy" for a particular option
- allows to change speculation to the opposite direction
- increase their investment on an open option
- split investment
- trading from chart itself

Investment types:

- Digital (Above/Below)
- Range (In/Out)
- Touch (One-Touch/No Touch)
- Triple
- MatriX
- 60 seconds

- Open Markets (Trading Exchange)
- Straddle Option
- Pool Trading
- Grid Option
- Social Trading
- Forex Trading

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