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Country: New Zealand
Rating: Broker score level - NORMAL
Business experience: +3 pointssince 2007
Regulation: +5 pointsFSPR in New Zealand, ASIC in Australia
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +4 points8 liquidity providers
Withdrawals: -0 pointsNo issues found
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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India, Ravi

I asked them about a Dealing Desk before trading, they asure me that's not how they work, after some days of trading I started to suspect, I asked them again and the answer received was "you can't prove it" I mean I was asking, not pointing that they had one, of course I asked immediately for my money back, and it took 2 months to arrive but i got it though