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Country: Kuwait
Rating: Broker score level - LOW
Business experience: +0 pointssince 2010
Regulation: +5 pointsCentral Bank of Kuwait
Segregation of funds: +0 pointNo
Liquidity: +0 pointsno information found
Withdrawal issues: -0 pointsNo issues found
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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NoorCM clients report:



Platform freezing

Execution speed

Results Results Results Results


I have not had any trouble with them yet, thei platform works fast and good, the service is great and withdrawal is fast


Their demo is fantastic as well as mobile, service is good, I'm thinking about opening a real account but haven't read any real review from them


The company email doesn't work ([email protected]) and returns:

"Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain"

LFB support

Thank you for your feedback,

thank you for your comment about the CBK. You're right, we know little about the Kuwait regulations.
After studying, we've updated the rating.


HOW COULD A CENTRAL bANK REGULATED COMPANY WITH A CAPITAL OF OVER 53 m usd BE CONSIDERED LOW ON THE REGULATION SCALE. yOU HAVE COMPANIES REGULATED BY WELL BELOW AVERAGE REGULATORY BODIES RANKING!!!! i invite you to study the strict guidlines that the Central Bank of Kuwait(CBK) and the Capital Markets Authorties (CMA) that were put forth to regulate the FX business. I an confident that you will be surprised on the advancement and strict guidlines put forth.