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Country: Australia
Rating: Broker score level - LOW
Business experience: +3 pointssince 2007
Regulation: +5 pointsASIC in Australia
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +0 points2 liquidity providers
Withdrawals: -1 point A few reports found*
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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Platform freezing

Execution speed

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I have had an account with IC Markets for some time now and I am excited to say that out of all of the brokers that I have dealt with they have the lowest EUR/USD spread. I actively scalp on their platform and the execution is ultra fast with little or no slippage, this equates to a huge cost saving given their average spread on this pair is 0.1 pip. IC Markets are the best broker in the market currently for EUR/USD scalpers and EAs that trade this pair.