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Country: Panama
Rating: Broker score level - NORMAL
Business experience: +2 pointssince 2009
Regulation: +3 pointsMinistry of Industry and Commerce of Panama
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +5 points10+ liquidity providers
Withdrawal issues: -2 pointsA few reports found*
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found*
Popularity among traders: +5 pointsAlexa rank: inside 100,000
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Platform freezing

Execution speed

Results Results Results Results

Magrs7, Latvia

They are scam,they just do whatever they want,i made bonus on forum and then I made decent profit without even hedging and then they cancelled all my bonus and profit without any reason.

Russia, Irina

Bad customer service, but good performance, they are ok if you invest small ammounts of money. At time the MT is disconnected but without alterations in your funds, so at least they're not a scam.

A. from US

I had my account deleted but they returned my money, of course without profits and bonus, I'm in the USA and I cannot access anymore to their website.

Ilya, Russia

Fast withdrawal, but an average performance, customer support is good.

Rick, USA

I travel oftenly because of business, they are good, but I hate that their site is blocked in the USA. Maybe american law know something we don't, that makes me nervous.