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Country: British Virgin Islands
Rating: Broker trust level - LOW
Business experience: +0 pointssince 2011
Regulation: +0 pointsnot regulated
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +2 points3 liquidity providers
Withdrawal issues: -0 pointsNo reports found
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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Dear all,
pl don't believe this frauds words. pl visit the link to reveal the
fact http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/scam-alerts-folder/21466-4xdg-... They are not a
member of mcx & not have a FMC Code
just collected funds and artificially allowed trade then evicted the innocents. I am heard Mr vinoth is
the owner of the 4xdg company and cheated 500 cores.
Please be aware before open an account with them and search their ip address and their complaints.

Note: Today also the useless vinoth called me and threatened me. Any one want to hear the
conversation I am ready to post. Due to my safe I have send some my conversation record to mr
thinakar sir.
Be careful for your assets. But However pl.very careful of your soul.


Dear 4XDGTeam,

Please don’t try to change the direction of leadingforexbrokers.com ‘s readers and followers .

Where I am resold your chart? If you have proof please attach here.



How can u are able allow MCX LIVE TRADE IN 4XDG MT4?

I had attached some e-mail proofs in


After I had asked my refund you and your people disabled and blocked my MCX LIVE TRADING 4XDG MT4 PLOTFARM Account and try to dishonor my fame. How can you are estimate my worth 45 rupees?
Pl. mind your words sir. Healthy discussion only reveal the fact.

Is your Location in U.K? Give your comments to Mr Volker Germany also.


Name is Chandru. Belongs to Banglore,India. And One More Fact

is Their Server Location Is in Maharastra. Just Check the Link




Dear all, please read Volker A., , Germany review also.

Very soon leadingforexbrokers.com ‘s readers and followers will know that

Who is the Fraud and Cheaters????

Team 4XDG

Dear All,
these people are worked in madura company providing charts for trading.this person worked and took one user and he resold to so many people. after that company came to know they resold the data immidiatly company terminated this person. now he talking about cheating.
now these people started in their own website called maduraa and selling charts this also their doing in fraud way only he has took one login fron 4XDG and their resold the users by putting read only password, later we found and we blocked this person account, not only this person his friend MR.Thinakar you can see the other review for withdrawal problem. these two people are doing the same work.
from them around more than 50 people they sold now we blocked their account so people are started asking money back.
i want to ask one question to this people. MR. ravikumar deposited 45lakhs, can you please send or show the proof of deposit, even if you deposit not deposit he told he gave money to office, so he can go and collect there right. these people are not worth for 45 rupees, if you want http://www.thinatips.com/p/mcx-data-in-mt4.html visit this website you will know their clear face.

so now you all can under stand these people are fraud be aware from them. dont get cheated by them. their fully fraud people.
even all the forex company be aware from them.

this the clear face for the.

Note: for clients,forex companies or admin of forexpeacearmy, can contact for the proof of their fraud things to [email protected],

we have all the proof

Team 4XDG


I have opened a live Mcx Trade Account With 4XDG. I had made payment of Rs 45 Lakhs and start live mcx trading when i am start making profit they frquently changing my master password without any intimation to me.So, i had asked for payout by email & called them & asked to refund my amount. But they are not replying for my emails. After insisting to release my capital, They Just disabled My Live Mcx Trading account. They are the Original cheaters and Frauds. I think they are not a Real Mcx Member, b’coz I had asked them for FMC Code & MCX membership code they are not giving. Now I have plan to move Mcx Exchange For remedies.

And Mr. Volker A., , Germany( http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.4xdg.com)

A man picked up the phone, and I heared kids screaming in the background, no kidding. The guy was talking to me and I could hardly understand him, because of his accent. After some talking he sugessted to call me back.
So he called me back from the following number 00919738000201 which is a number from india

Yes you are 100 % right Sir. His Name is Chandru. Belongs to Banglore,India. And One More Fact Their
Server Location Is in Maharastra. Just Check the Link http://hosting-ranks.com/www/4xdg.com
And http://www.ipaddressden.com/ip/



I had made payment of 10000 and start live mcx trading when i am start making profit they had changed my master password without intimation and made losses. i had asked for payout before 1month till date they didn't refund my amount & they are not replying for emails. I had sent SMS to the person he had replied that he will process our payout. But they are not refunding.