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Country: Nevis, W.I.
Rating: Broker score level - LOW
Business experience: +0 pointssince 2010
Regulation: +3 pointsNevis Financial Services
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +5 pointsMulti-liquidity (ECN accounts) + STP
Withdrawal issues: -2 pointsA few reports found*
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found*
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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Platform freezing

Execution speed

Results Results Results Results

Latvia, Xtrader

It's ok, I have had some problems with them when trading in news, not all my TP orders were filled, but the SL did, it's a shame because many people gave them nice ratings and I would do the same if it wasn't for these important issued I've been dealing with.

Customer service is acceptable, like 95% it was great, but two or three times I've been in chat with a rude girl.

EAs and all that stuff is great.

They're just like above the average.

tickme, CY

Good broker with MT4 platform, is nice to see not every broker is a scam, I had like 1000 USD of profits in a month and I withdrawed my money easily, highly recommended.