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Country: Nevis, W.I.
Rating: Broker trust level - LOW
Business experience: +0 pointssince 2010
Regulation: +3 pointsNevis Financial Services
Segregation of funds: +1 pointYes
Liquidity: +5 pointsMulti-liquidity (ECN accounts) + STP
Withdrawal issues: -0 pointsNo reports found*
Void profit reports: -0 pointsNo reports found*
Popularity among traders: +0 pointsAlexa rank: outside 500,000
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Platform freezing

Execution speed

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I'd like to say this is one of the best brokers. When I wanted to open my account I got it set up as soon as I deposit, they always help me if I have any doubt or something and I can say it's like a "hidden geme" out there, very few reviews for such a nice broker.

Julio, Spain

It's a nice broker despite being located in an offshore, commonly this type of brokers result in scams. It's one of the best for scalping and with excellent EAs, the platform is easy to use and friendly with newbies.

My only complaint is about their spreads, in their site they say "fixed spreads" and in live platform they are variable but still good, anyway that deserves only 4 stars.

a+ trader

Great forex broker, I mean, they have many choices so it's like a different account for each client, I was hesitating a bit because they are located in Nevis, but it was a nice choice after trying with 2 or 3 other brokers. I love their service, their execution and that I have no troubles when I want to withdraw money.