Lscore helps to rate brokers. The higher the score, the better.

High score +15 and above
Normal score +10 ... +14
Low score +5 ... +9
Very low score +4 and below

Lscore includes scores in several categories:

I. Business experience:
The older the broker the higher the score.
Older businesses have more experience & more customers, in addition they have already proven their effectiveness & stability over the years.

II. Regulation:
Regulated brokers receive higher score than non-regulated.
Regulated businesses offer far more confidence & security than non-regulated.
The strictness of rules & regulations also varies from light to very high.

III. Segregation of funds:
Brokers that offer segregated accounts receive additional points.
Segregation of client funds offers protection in case of insolvency of a broker.

IV. Liquidity:
Brokers with higher number of liquidity providers receive higher score.
The more there are liquidity providers - the better is the liquidity, which allows better spreads, better execution.
(For Binary Options brokers this parameter has been substituted to the number of available Assets).

V. Withdrawal issues:
Brokers with no reported withdrawal issues receive 0 penalties.
Withdrawals is the key part & the final part of any successful trading.

VI. Void profit reports:
Brokers with no reports about cancelled orders, declined/nullified profits and/or missing trade problems receive 0 penalties.
Any activity about the trading account & trading history that occurs without traders' consent is considered as a violation of proper trading conduct.

VII. Popularity among traders:
The more people visit broker's site, the higher the score.
How many traders ever heard about your broker? How many people visited broker's site to become a client or at least compare it with other brokers?
We use Alexa rank to determine popularity of each broker site.
(The lower the Alexa rank the more popular is the site, and the higher will be our ranking).